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We’re Back!!

Many apologies for dropping off the face of the earth after dangling the carrot of a continued story.  Last year’s Hawk Nest watching experience became quite brutal for me.  As a result of abundant Spring rains the grass grew thickly, thus providing perfect hiding for smaller rodents.  Baby number 3 perished from starvation on the morning of day 16.  I am an empath and I am very emotionally involved with these birds. The parents have been returning to the nest for 8 years.  I photograph them every day that they are in the valley. The evening of Baby #3’s passing Mama B glided low in circles over me.  I talked to her, pouring out my heart telling her how sorry I was for her loss.  She crooned down to me in tones I had never heard her utter. It was a moment I will never forget.  I am still moved by it.

Baby #1 was ruthlessly aggressive to his siblings.  Baby #3 looked like a battered child the day he died.  Baby #2 slept next to, then later on top of his dead brother.   That afternoon Baby #1 began to irreverently  play with the lifeless body.  I swear Baby #2 cringed, looking over his shoulder, moving away from the macabre scene, unsettled by this behavior.

This was shot immediately after Mama B discovered that Baby #3 did not survive. Baby #2 is on the far right and Baby #3 is to the left of him.  The babies look furious because they thought Mama B was bringing them food.  Three days later Mama B fed the remains to the starving siblings.  She picked up her dead baby, looked over her shoulder at me, then stepped behind the cover of the one branch that affords them privacy.  I sobbed as I shot the scene.  None of the photos were in focus for the tears.  I to this day have not had the heart to watch the video I shot of this event.  I know it will be too up-close and too personal.

Last year I was outside shooting photos from dawn til dusk. I came inside only long enough to download film cards. I was shooting stills and digiscoping video at the same time. Baby #2 was hungry and crying for food almost every minute he was awake.  The sheer volume of material I had to wade through once I got behind and the emotionally challenging content rendered me unable to blog.

But that was then, this is now.  We’re Back!! I may do the blog a little differently this year, sharing more of my experience with these birds instead of telling a story about each day.  We’ll see.  Maybe there will be a little of both!

Last fall I found a dead hawk on the side of the road near my house.  I was convinced it was Papa B.  Gratefully I was proven wrong when he turned up alive and well with Mama B this Spring.  Though on St Paddy’s day I had reason again to be concerned for his welfare.  There was a brawl, which is only right given that particular holiday, but this was a hawk affair.  Either another male was trying to move in on his turf or one of their babies was getting a tough love lesson that they were no longer welcome in the valley.

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While this was going on Mama B began flying around, soaring over me, imploring me to do something.  I had no clue this battle was underway.  Mama B had given me the cold shoulder since last July when I got too close to her baby shooting pictures from my deck when the baby was only about 10 feet away on the ground. (Who knew hawks held grudges?) I thought she was letting me know she was done punishing me and was celebrating with me that they were back in the nest! So much for being psychic. Regardless, it broke the ice between us.  Much to my relief, Papa B did not fight to the finish and successfully chased the intruder off!  (photos are par because my 300mm lens was at Nikon for repairs- for over 3 weeks.  I was embroiled in a battle of my own trying to get my equipment returned before 2012’s babies took flight!)

I have to say it is quite a disadvantage being human with such weak eyesight when trying to have a relationship with these birds.  There is much room for misinterpretation.  For example when Mama B went to the nest to check on Baby #3 and discovered him dead, she looked at me before leaving the nest.  Here I thought she had brought food to the babies, and I was cheering.  Very bad faux pas.  So when Mama B is screaming that her mate is in a life or death battle and appealing to me for help and I’m spreading my arms and “soaring with her” in joy because “my girl has welcomed me back into their world”, I imagine she must have just shook her head at the poor afflicted being that I am and resignedly decided to take me back under her wing.

So, enough frivolousness. Down to business!  We have FOUR eggs!

Gratefully we have had a dry Spring here which I am praying bodes well for abundant hunting!  They built the nest much deeper this year than ever before.  For the first time I have been unable to record the exact dates eggs were laid.  Searching every photo I shot in the suspected time frame I believe the first egg was laid as early as March 30th:

It looks like there is an egg behind the pine cone that is parallel to the hawks tail.  That would put today at day 35 for Egg #1 which is the outer limit for hatching.  Tho last year all eggs hatched at day 38 so we will see when we see.  March 30th is all fine and dandy except I am pretty sure this is footage of Mama B laying an egg on April 12! Please disregard the background sound (a guided meditation by Christie Marie Sheldon).  My Canon Powershot Sd950 is on its last leg and will no longer “mute”.

I know for a fact that they were mating like crazy on April 8th.

I am a little concerned with the time span between Egg #1 and Egg #2 because by day 12 Baby #1 is going to see Baby #4 as a tasty little morsel.  I’m hoping that the late egg laying has to do with Egg #1 being a “blank” (It’s my blog,  I’m writing my own story here!).  Anyway, those of you who care, please send me Love and Light to carry me through any upcoming baby barbarism and hold a high vision that it will all work out just peachy!

So today, with dates fresh in my mind I was convinced an egg was going to hatch today.  I saw this photo and thought I had my proof!

Note the top left egg, on the far right side looks like it has a small puncture mark. I kept an intent vigil on the birds today. (I had kind of been “checked out” prior and didn’t quite understand it.  Then last night I realized I was all freaked out about being dragged emotionally over razor blades again.  So thanks to Christie Marie Sheldon’s clearing work I am ready to face this season with beginner’s mind!)  In a blitz I also blasted off to the grocery store a half and hour away to stock up on food because once they hatch I will not leave the house for the 1st week or so (except to hike the doggie!).  Upon my return, nothing.  No activity, just sedate nest sitting.   According to the Hawk Cam in NY city pipping (the process of a chick pecking through the shell to hatch) takes @8 hours.  The 1st NY eyas (hawk baby) emerged 9 hours after the first peck hole was sighted.  Wanting to know what was going on here, I examined the photo more thoroughly….

and realized the pip hole was an offshoot of a stick that was in front of the egg!  So today was a false alarm but tomorrow is a new day!  Stay tuned because Raptor Reverie is back in action!!