A Bird's Eye View into Nature's Reality

Fun Facts

Fun Facts
(I welcome any contributions to this list!)

Here are a few facts I learned about Red-tail Hawks over the years:
1. They mate for life
2. The female is larger than the male
3. Egg incubation lasts 28-35 days
4. They use the same nest year after year unless disturbed by activity in the area, or ousted by other birds (surprisingly, Canadian Geese have been known to take over hawk nests, which is how these birds came to nest in their current location)
5. These birds are eating rodents, medium sized birds, and an occasional bunny and snake
6. Red-tail Hawks get their mosture from the food they eat and possibly from leaves
7. Eggs will be laid 24 or more hours apart
8. Babies tip rear ends up and projectile poop out of the nest to keep the nest clean (which works much better in theory!)
9. The parents’ primary goal is to raise the current year’s offspring to survival, even if it means killing a prior year’s baby


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