A Bird's Eye View into Nature's Reality

We have TWO Babies!

I kind of dropped the joy bomb then left you all hanging yesterday. Wednesday I had given up hope that any of the three eggs were going to hatch. Wallowing a bit, I neglected to clear all my filmcards and back up my computer in preparation for the grand arrival of Hawk Baby #1. This baby’s last hatch date (day 35) came and went on Monday. Egg 2’s was Tuesday and Egg 3’s was today.

Mamma with her 3 eggs May 16 2011

I am proud to announce Baby #1’s arrival at 6:50 something AM Rocky Mountain Standard Time!

Baby #1 and Mamma Bird with two egg siblings day 1

While observing Baby #1, I noted one of the eggs appeared to have holes in it. I was wildly excited that not only were we going to have one but #2 was on the way! By the end of the day, nothing had happened and after watching some video footage of the Mamma kicking the “hatching” egg as she hastily exited the nest, I decided the egg was just damaged instead.

Baby #1 with "damaged" egg #2 and intact egg #3

So this morning’s surprise was TWO hungry mouths to feed!

Baby #1 day 2 and Baby #2 day 1

The snake was brought to the nest yesterday afternoon. Pappa Bird delivered another snake mid morning. They also feasted on a rodent and a medium size bird.

A little perspective of the nest in the tree

Mamma Bird stands far from the babies as she feeds them...its tough being a Raptor Mommy!

Welcome to their world!

One belly full while the other gets filled. This Mamma never lets a baby go hungry!

Late in the day the Bald Eagle created some excitement as he glided through the valley just a little too interested in the new hatchlings…


Tthe Bald Eagle scoping the nest.

Coming in for a closer look

The Mamma Bird gathers both babies and hatching egg, tucking them under her just like they were all still eggs!

The hatching Egg #3 gets tucked under with the rest of them!

This was shot at nearly 4PM. Today was a day of surprises….

Another “damaged” Egg!! Hopefully we will be seeing THREE babies in the morning!
We DO want a baby brother! We do! WE do! WE DO!
Stay Tuned!

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  1. good one. i’ve been following a pair here in downtown Raleigh, NC for 2 seasons now. lots to see and learn.

    July 11, 2012 at 8:20 PM

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