A Bird's Eye View into Nature's Reality

Drama in the Valley

Nest sitting isn’t nearly so boring when there is an ongoing drama playing out below you.  The Canadian Geese are in the throngs of a love triangle.  It seems that a male honker has set his sights on the mate of another.  He will sit for hours just watching her (and her mate) from across the river.  Things finally escalated to a knock down drag out brawl.  Even the female expressed her discontent with the unwanted attention!

Watching the Geese Brawl

Canadian Goose Battle


Water Chase

Land Chase


Tackle & Bite while Female gives her two cents worth

Tackle & Bite #2 while female decides to mix it up with a bystander

Fleeing for his life (again!)

Beaten but not Broken (Whatsamattah? Ya chicken?!)


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